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Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf Readings is another way to “open the channel” to the intuitive and subconscious mind, and make that aspect of the human mind work for you.  Tea Leaf Reading is a freely flowing interpretation of the pictures, patterns and symbols formed by the tea remaining in the cup, a good rapport with the client and the reader’s ability in a pure form to get a good picture of what is going on with the client and some of what the future holds.

Angle and Medium Reading

Angel and Medium Reading  

For those that are looking for more answers regarding health, finances, career, spiritual path, or any other life situation, Sophia can help you achieve clarity and understanding regarding the issue. As a clairvoyant, she has the unique ability to enter a meditative state in order to intuitively connect with spirit guides and channel information regarding your questions. With their guidance and assistance, she channels information that sheds light on your questions and helps you resolve your problems. Angels are always ready to help and guide us.

Palm Reading

Palm Reading, also known as Chiromancy, has a long history stretching back to ancient India and China and throughout the world. A person’s palm reading lines can tell a lot about them as a person, from how their life live is likely to go to how far and where they are likely to travel. Nor does chiromancy stop at just the palms of the hand. All parts of the hand can be included such as the fingers and fingernails.

Which hand should be read and why?

There are different schools of thought about what it means to read a “dominant” hand. Some chiromancers believe that women should be read on the right hand and men should be read on the left.

However, many readers will ask to see the dominant hand of the person they are reading for, so a right-handed person would show their right hand, and vice versa. The dominant hand is thought to represent the conscious actions of the person, and the less-dominant hand will show the subconscious.

The third school of thought is that the left hand signifies potential and the right hand signifies accomplishments. A more detailed palm reading may even work with both hands to get a complete picture.

Tarot Card Reading

Find out the answers to all your questions with one session of tarot card reading. I’m a tarot card reader who uses a unique tarot layout to divine your past, present, and future on many subjects. Receive guidance in love, marriage, business, and success.n intuitive reading requires no preparing from the individual, only open-mindedness and an open heart. Each reading is as unique as the individual, but some generalities can be made about the reading process that could prepare you for what to expect.

 The conversation can involve your past, present, and future, depending on what the cards reveal. If you prefer, the cards can dig deeply into a specific question you might have which can be the focus of your reading. Once you have gained more clarity and understanding, your path can become more clear. The length of your session depends on what you are seeking and can be as short as 15 minutes for a focused question or an hour when you have a number of questions you need to ask.

Aura Cleansing

Your aura varies as your thoughts and mood changes.  Surrender your stressed mind and exhausted body. Aura healing restores peace and tranquility. While lying fully clothed on a massaging table, I connect to your energy field (aura) in order to sense, feel, and see the colors in your Aura. I then sends healing energy to your aura to release lower stagnant energies.Based on your needs i will use different healing techniques.  Aura healing is also known as spiritual healing, energy healing, or psychic healing. Aura healings are an excellent way to release blocks and unwanted energies, and get your own energy flowing, so you can heal.  Many physical problems have their root cause on an energy level. In other words, physical problems can be a symptom of energetic, emotional, psychic, or spiritual issues. Rather than focusing on the body symptom, spiritual healing can work with problems at their energetic root cause.

Aura Photography

Some people believe that every living thing in this world has an aura that projects outward into the world.As people we are almost like a device to the universe and we have signals that we send out to other people and the world around us.Our aura is our energy and what we send out to the universe. And it is the first thing people pick up when we introduce ourselves or just pass by others. The aura is believed to manifest your thoughts, feelings, and psychic energies in the world, while picking up on the vibrational energy of those around you. When it is healthy, your aura colors are thought to reflect your true self and help you tune in psychically and spiritually to the world. However, like any other part of the body, it is believed that auras can become weak, unhealthy, or ineffective. That is why we are introducing this device to our clients to help them to restore their true aura colors. In just one session we will be able to see what is missing in your energy field. After a session we provide a clear analyses on what is missing from your aura and we will make a recommendation on how to heal and cleanse your aura all in one session.

Additional Services

• Life Purpose Work

• Spiritual Awakenings

• Unconditional Love of Self and Others

• Insight into Energy Imbalances/Weak Areas

• Releasing the Past/Lower Frequencies

• Unwanted Habits

• Anger and Irritability Management

• Emotional Blocks

• Stress Management

• Chronic Pain Relief

• Positive Manifesting

• Understanding and Healing Fear

• Health

• Career

• Relationship Issues

• Twin Flames/Soulmates

• Parenting/Parenting Intuitive Children

• Relationship Enhancement

• Cord Cutting Work

• Forgiveness/Reconciliation

• PTSD Trauma

• Angel Communication

• Spirit Guides Contact

• Past Lives Exploration

• Self Esteem/Confidence Building

• Positive Thinking Program

• Phobias and Fears

• Unwanted Habits

• Sexual Abuse Healing

• Sleep Issues