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Aura Photography

Some people believe that every living thing in this world has an aura that projects outward into the world. As people we are almost like a device to the universe and we have signals that we send out to other people and the world around us.Our aura is our energy and what we send out to the universe. And it is the first thing people pick up when we introduce ourselves or just pass by others. The aura is believed to manifest your thoughts, feelings, and psychic energies in the world, while picking up on the vibrational energy of those around you. When it is healthy, your aura colors are thought to reflect your true self and help you tune in physically and spiritually to the world. However, like any other part of the body, it is believed that auras can become weak, unhealthy, or ineffective. That is why we are introducing this device to our clients to help them to restore their true aura colors. In just one session we will be able to see what is missing in your energy field. After a session we provide a clear analysis on what is missing from your aura and we will make a recommendation on how to heal and cleanse your aura all in one session.